1800L Pod

Our new custom made 1800L Backwash Pod. Also having its own unique 3-phase filtration cycle will enable pool owners with restricted areas and access the opportunity to also benefit from the Backwash Pods advantages. With the choice of side or front fitting placement will allow this pod to fit into the tightest of areas.
Dimensions = 990mm (W) x 1750mm (L) x 1750mm (H)


- Front or side fittings placement to allow for tight areas
-All relevant parts and fittings
- Detailed step by step installation/operation/maintenance instructions
- 10 year warranty

Extras/Add ons:

- Automatic shut off valve (Coming soon)
- Semi automatic system (Coming soon)
- Flexible system
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Recommended for those in urban/residential areas with restricted room
RRP - $3,550 inc GST 
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