3000L Pod

By far our most popular, as pool owners with the available room to accomodate the larger Pod not only have the flexibility in backwashing time but are also able to store excess chemically treated water to return to the pool. Something that all of us pool owners are looking for during the swimming months. Ideal for all pool owners with room especially those without mains water. e.g. rural.
Dimensions = 2.1m (Height) x 1.5m (Wide)


- All relevant parts and fittings
- Detailed step by step installation/operation/maintenance instructions
- 10 year warranty

Extras/Add ons:

- Automatic shut off valve (Coming soon)
- Semi automatic system (Coming soon)
- Flexible system
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Recommended for those with the available room and those wanting to store excess water. eg. rural properties
RRP - $3,500 inc GST
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