The BACKWASH Water Recycling Systems can enable you to maintain your swimming pool water levels with ease. Some benefits of the systems include:
Simple to operate and install
Utilises existing pool equipment
Recycled water is filtered again as it returns to the swimming pool via the existing sand filter
Connects to any sand filtration system
Saving of chemicals as water has already been treated
Specially designed custom made tank directs dirt partials to common area
Recycling tank may be installed in hidden areas, away from the pool if required
Easy to use attachments positioned accordingly on recycling tank
Environmentally responsible as less salt/chemically treated water is entering the sewerage system
Cost effective as recycled water has already been treated with chemicals
Australian owned and operated
Approved for the use of the Smart Approved Watermark
Approval from within the swimming pool industry
Water storage for topping up pool during swimming months
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