Our standard 3030 systems are available in fixed kits which are designed to be plumbed to new or existing sand filtration systems using 40mm P.V.C fittings.
The 3030 litre backwash recycling storage tank has been custom made and is specifically designed to allow backwash water to be separated from dirt partials by directing all foreign material to a common area at the base.

The advantages of the 3030 systems is that it not only reuses all backwash water which would be otherwise wasted down the drain, but allows storage for additional water supply which enables swimming pool water to be maintained with ease. Even through the peak of the swimming season.

Flexible kits can be supplied upon request. 
Our Flexi systems are designed with easy to use detachable threaded fittings and flexible pipe alleviating the need to run fixed pipe work through areas that would require lifting and replacing of existing ground work e.g. Concrete, brick paving or landscaped areas.

Available in these colours

All systems include all appropriate fittings and tank connections including 50mm three way valves with 50-40mm reducers.
All pools are individual so let us help you find the recycling system that will best suit your pool.
BACKWASH RECYCLING SYSTEMS can also be customised to meet your needs, based on the pool positioning, pump & garden layout.
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