The ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly solution to backwashing swimming pools.

Designed to fit any sand/media filter.

Our backwash Pods with its unique design and easy process allows the re-capture of thousands of litres of backwashed water enabling reuse in your pool.

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Backwash Pod options

The 3000 Backwash Pod

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Custom made and designed here in Australia this uniquely designed pod is 3000L having a 3-phase filtration cycle that allows all backwashed water to be captured, treated and filtered enabling the already chemically treated water to be reused back into your pool. Saving the thousands of litres of water and chemicals that is usually wasted during the pool backwash process.

- Automatic shut off valve
- Semi Auto system

*Recommended for rural properties


Available in:
Fixed pipework – Fixed pipework options are designed to be fully plumbed onto new or existing filtration systems using P.V.C pipe.

Flexible pipework – This option is great if you want to prevent the surrounding landscape e.g. Turf, paving, gardens etc. from being disturbed with the installation of fixed underground pipework. Flexible pipework are designed with detachable fittings and flexible pipe allowing easy attachment between your existing sand filtration system and the Backwash Pod.

The 1800 Backwash Pod 

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Our new custom made 1800L Backwash Pod. Also having its own unique 3-phase filtration cycle will enable pool owners with restricted areas and access the opportunity to also benefit from the Backwash Pods advantages. Being approx. 990mm (W) x 1750mm (L) x 1750mm (H) with the choice of side or front fitting placement will allow this pod to fit into the tightest of areas.

Updates will be posted but we hope to have this available by mid to late August.

- Automatic shut off valve
- Semi Auto system

Available in:
-Fixed pipework
-Flexible pipework

*Recommended for residential swimming pools with tight areas. 

All Backwash Pods complies with all relevant Australian water quality guidelines

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How it works

How the backwash recycling pod works
The Backwash Pods once attached, simply enables the backwashed water to enter the Pod which then circulates through its internal process which then allows when required the chemically treated water to be returned to the pool via the existing pool media filtration system (The last process)


The Backwash Pods are simply installed onto an existing sand filter system or can be easily installed during pool construction.

All Backwash Pods have been designed for self or professional installation/operation/maintenance with our easy-to-follow step by step installation/operation/maintenance guide.

All Backwash Pods include all appropriate fittings and Pod connections.



By installing a Backwash Recycling Pod you will be able to maintain your pool water level in an eco friendly way with ease. All pods are Smart Approved, 100% Australian owned, operated & manufactured with the uniquely designed base. Other benefits of using a Backwash Recycling Pod are.

- Environmentally friendly
- Climate Care Certified
- Keep pool chemicals out of waterways & stormwater
- Connects to existing pool media filters
- No additional pumps / filters required
- Pool specific water available for re-filling pool when required
- Simple to install & easy to operate
- Can be installed in hidden areas away from pool
- Approved within the pool industry
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3000 Backwash Pod

Available in:

Fixed pipework & Flexible pipework

All Backwash Pods are supplied with full installation/operation/maintenance instructions.

1800 Backwash Pod (COMING SOON)

Available in:

Fixed pipework & Flexible pipework

All Backwash Pods are supplied with full installation/operation/maintenance instructions.

All pools are individual, so we have designed our Backwash Pods to suit any new or existing sand/media filter.

About Backwash Recyclers

Originally working within and around the swimming pool construction industry a need for the prevention of all the wasted water and chemical associated with backwashing procedures was recognised.

Over this 10-year period we have successfully designed and developed various systems with the major benefit being the prevention of the backwash water being released into the environment. With ongoing accreditation from within the industry and governing bodies along with meeting Australian water quality Guidelines our main aim is to educate and make aware to not only people associated with swimming pools but in general the many benefits associated with our unique Backwash Pods including the benefit of its environmental impact.
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