The ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly solution to backwashing swimming pools.

Designed to fit any sand filter

Save on...

Why waste all this water when it is easily preventable with the simple addition of one of our approved custom designed backwash recycling systems?
Our custom made BACKWASH RECYCLING TANK which has a uniquely designed base directs all foreign material to a common area.  The many tests and trials have allowed us to manufacture the custom made tanks with all appropriate fittings positioned accordingly around the recycling tank enabling the backwash swimming pool water to enter the tank and also be drawn from the tank returning to the pool clean, filtered and already chemically treated water with ease. Anything other than the custom designed tank does not have appropriate approvals.
Did you know you lose approximately 1200 litres every time you backwash?
Backwashing accounts for approximately 45% of water loss from your pool.

How it works...
BACKWASH your pool with us to save 1000's of litres of drinkable water.
Don't drain it... retain it!
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