How much water does the backwash recycling system save?

B.R.A backwash process filters and recycles for future use approx. 100% of backwash water that is currently washed down the drain. There is also a saving on chemicals as the recycled water is already chemically treated.

Do the recycling tanks have to be installed next to the filtration system?

No, the tank can be positioned in a scheduled area away from the pool. When installing the recycling tank away from the filtration system the performance of the existing pool pump should be taken into consideration.

Is the operation of this system simple?

Yes, once installed follow normal filtration methods and with the turn of a valve the system returns clean, filtered and already chemically treated water back into the pool. All easy to follow with instructions supplied.

Can I install the backwash recycling system myself?

Yes, all systems have been designed for professional or self install. All backwash recycling systems are distributed in kit form which includes a specifically designed 3030 litre tank and all appropriate fittings. A booklet with installation and operation instructions is also supplied along with a detailed system diagram and parts list. BACKWASH RECYCLERS does however recommend you seek professional assistance before self installation.

Have the backwash recycling systems been approved?

Yes, not only approved but support from within the industry and governing bodies is increasing for this way of managing water loss. B.R.A are also proud to be one of approx. 300 businesses worldwide to have the approval for the use of the Smart Approved Watermark. A scheme supported by the Australian Government for the future - water smart Australia fund. Approval from SPASA (The Swimming Pool and Spa Association) was also granted.

Can the Backwash recycling systems be connected to existing pools?

Yes, all systems can be easily installed as an attachment to already existing sand filtered pools or installed during pool construction.

Does the recycling tank need cleaning?

The specifically designed recylcling tank may need cleaning once every 3-6 years. This can be determined by inspecting the water quality test valve which has been installed and positioned in a certain area in the tank. If inspection uncovers unsatisfactory results there are 3 simple and easy cleaning methods which are explained in the booklet supplied. the unique design of the backwash storage tank makes cleaning a easy process.

Is the recycling water clean and safe for swimming?

The recycled water returns to the pool clean, filtered and already chemically treated. The only method for the recycled water to return to the pool is through the sand filter. In most cases the recycled water is better for your pool than mains or tank water as we mention above it is already chemically treated.

Will I need to install more? eg. pumps etc.

No, The recycling system utilises all existing equipment and returns to the pool clean, filtered and already chemically treated water via the sand filter using the existing pool pump.

I have an existing water tank, can I fit the recycling system to this?

No, approvals for the backwash recycling systems have been granted using the specifically designed recycling tank only. The custom made tank which has a uniquely designed base directs all foreign material to a common area. The many tests and trials have allowed us to manafacture the custom made tanks with all appropriate fittings positioned accordingly around the recycling tank enabling the backwash swimming pool water to enter the tank and also be drawn from the tank returning to the pool clean, filtered and already chemically treated water with ease. Anything other than the custom designed tank does not have appropriate approvals.

I have alot of paving, concrete and garden around my pool. How are the pipes and connections fitted?

The backwash recycling systems can be obtained in either a fixed or flexible kit. The flexible kit enables the running of detachable hoses eliminating the need to remove existing works for fixed piping.
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